Accents that reinvent spaces: Table tops and decor ideas

Coffee tables, bookshelves and entertainment centres are placed in many areas of a home or space. The living room is the perfect example, full of all kinds of surfaces just waiting to be styled. I would like to use this blog post to talk about the most forgotten surface: the side table. It does not have to be just a place for cups and remotes, this piece of furniture can make a statement. Here are my tips and tricks for side table decorating options, both in functionality and style.

Below are some of the accent pieces we used in our décor scheme for the Solar Supreme Roller blind range. Opting for a mix of blues and golds next to a dark grey shade of the fabric is a good design styling tip for anyone looking to brighten their rooms and spaces.

The side tables with a lush golden cut out pattern gives a sense of depth and texture to any space. Adding some reading material to any occasional table top is an excellent way to make a room or sitting area feel warm and inviting. While adding an accent vases and flowers are the perfect opportunity to add a pop of colour. The blue tones set of against the warmth of the gold. Simple but stylish!

Ambient: table tops - décor ideas   Ambient: table tops - décor ideas

Gold accents work well with any piece of furniture, so if your side tables are wooden, look at adding some gold statement pieces to their surfaces.  Placing colourful sweets in clear jars or containers is a great way to add colour and function to your surface in a social setting. Scented candles and diffusers are a great look and feel but also keep your spaces fresh. Accent treys are a great way to contain your surfaces décor pieces and keep neat designated areas for each idea.

Ambient: table tops - décor ideas   Ambient: table tops - décor ideas

Another styling tip for side tables is to layer them. If you place pieces and elements which vary in height, it will make your spaces fuller and far more interesting to look at.

A statement piece should be used on each space. For instance a statement lamp or vase with height will give each surface a purpose.

Go for either silver, bronze or gold on your table top as it is eye-catching and adds dimension to whatever else it is paired or grouped with. Placing it on top of books is another great tip.

Go for greenery! Having a small plant or vase of flowers or one colour piece amongst all the neutrals is always a delight.

Ambient: table tops - décor ideas   Ambient: table tops - décor ideas

Having a charging station and a designated space for remotes is not only an opportunity to incorporate decor onto your surfaces but also offers great functionality.

Ambient: table tops - décor ideas   Ambient: table tops - décor ideas

Injecting style and personality onto your horizontal spaces is made easy with some of these tips and tricks. Above we have used some of them on a butler’s trey, with a large lamp accented with blue tones. A small piece of greenery adds some depth and colour, along with a scented candle placed on a bamboo grass trey. Perfectly set next to our very own Vintage Ash Antique blind. Below is a close-up of this amazing new colour!

Ambient: table tops - décor ideas

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