Green, emerald and jade: colours and accents for an interior upgrade

We are coming up to our month of September and apart from it being Heritage month for South Africa, it also marks the start of spring. A time for new leaves upon the trees, the blooms of Jacaranda’s bosting purple beauty throughout our beautiful cities, and green. New, fresh and earthy tones begin to flourish everywhere and as such gives us the opportunity to share our green inspiration.

Colours and accents for an interior upgrade    Colours and accents for an interior upgrade

The colour has become more popular in 2017. Green is related to renewal and stability– and it is universally experienced through its richness in nature. The colour green on furniture, walls, and accents sets beautiful spaces that allow all other colours in the room to bloom. If shades of emerald, jade, and lime are your thing, we have incorporated it in some of our ranges too.

Colours and accents for an interior upgrade

While this colour may not instantaneously come to mind when you are contemplating the perfect home decor, it is actually one of the most adaptable, timeless and invigorating colours. It is a delightful choice whether you add a few little accents or use it as a statement colour. From emerald to seafoam, here are some inspirational spaces we think incorporate the colour well.

Colours and accents for an interior upgrade Colours and accents for an interior upgrade

Above images are some of the colours from our Antique Range which feature tinges of green and rustic colours. Perfectly paired with a plainer curtain, or simply by itself, this is a unique feature that is more subtle however still creating a feature of green in your space. The linear design on our Stone Antique is fully embraces the general character of the vintage vibe without being too over-bearing.

Colours and accents for an interior upgrade Colours and accents for an interior upgrade

Window treatment options would be incomplete without the option for a unique ultra-rich look of opaque panels or roller blinds. Classic sheer material is great for blocking light, and with this look there are three options; closed, semi open with the zebra material feature or open. It can give your room the feel of a sumptuous and calming space. Choosing this unusual Sharon Green roller high impact in both traditional and modern spaces or the Taffeta Green for a more perminant or blockout option.

“Green is the prime coolour of the world, and that from which its lovliness arises” Pedro Calderon de la Barca.

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